Digiwave Triple-Boom UHF Outdoor TV Antenna ANT2112


Short Overview:

- Dipole FIFO(Fast-In-Fast-Out) design, shortening the installation
- Release time to only 1 second
- Complying with Reflector Magic
- Enabling a fast and tool free installation
- Reducing the packaging size

From the Manufacturer

Digiwave ANT2112 Triple-Boom UHF Outdoor TV Digital Antenna has strong performance across UHF, excellent reception for UHF signal, great within 75 miles or more from for radio transmitters, easy Installation, RoHS Compliant, Aluminium Elements already premounted, polish-surface Aluminium Tubes and Square Carrier and waterproof Dipole Box with F Connector.

Brand Digiwave
Product Dimensions 45.7 x 61 x 50.8 cm